Posted by: dontai | June 26, 2015

New Swimming Classes Starting in Mississauga, July 19 2015


为方便居住于Mississauga,Burlington,Oakville 等地对游泳运动感兴趣的同学和家长,Yaya Swimming Club 密西沙加 分部将于7月19日至8月30日, 星期日 4-5:00pm 期间推出“快乐暑期” 暑期游泳训练课程。该课程推出7月19日首次试课免费,免费测评,免费提供咨询服务等优惠项目。教学地点位于密西沙加市交通便利,设施完备,环境优美的 River Grove Community Centre. 如果你有兴趣参加,敬请致电905-820-7567 或发邮件 与我们联系,Yaya Swimming Club 的全体教练老师将和你一起在享受游泳运动的过程中度过一个快乐的夏天。
Yaya Swimming Club

Dear Students and Parents,

We are excited to announce that the Yaya Swimming Club will be expanding by offering weekly swimming lessons in Mississauga. The “Happy Summer” swimming program will be offered from July 19 to August 30 2015, each Sunday, 4-5:00pm at the River Grove Community Centre in Mississauga. The pool is beautiful.

Students and parents who live near Mississauga,Burlington and Oakville can now also enjoy swimming lessons much closer to their house. As in Scarborough, we happy to provide a FREE trial class, FREE swimming assessment of swimming level, and FREE swimming consulting. There is no better time to have you and your child assessed for safe and enjoyable summer swimming.

Come on out and get your kids wet. If you are interested in the program or you need any further information, please feel free to contact us at 905-820-7567 or


The Yaya Swimming Club

River Grove has a 25-metre, 5-lane lap pool with a water spray children’s play pool and a 30-person whirlpool located on the deck. Favourite features include a two-storey water slide, extra wide stairs, in-water ramp and a 16-stall family change room.


  1. 想让姑娘去你那里游泳,只是周日这个时间和她跳舞课冲突。另外一个小时有些短,想问还又没其他选择。我们住Oakvill,离密市很近。

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