Posted by: dontai | June 16, 2015

No Swimming Classes from June 14-July 15 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

June 13 (Saturday) is the last day of the Spring Session. Please note that the Swimming school will be closed until July 14,2015, because we do not have access to the school and pool. The Summer Session will begin on July 14, 2015( Tuesday) and will end on Aug 18 2015(Tuesday). There are no changes of the class schedule (Tuesday 8Pm-9Pm, Friday 8Pm-9Pm, Saturday 3pm-6pm)。Thank you for your support, and see you in the pool.

6月13(星期六)是游泳学校春季课程的最后一次课。夏季课程将于7月14日(星期二)开始到8月18日(周二)结束。夏季课程的时间不变(星期2,晚8-9,星期5,晚8-9,星期六 下午3-6)。 谢谢

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